“Jordan Manalastas certainly has a gift for eloquence—if only he didn’t miss the point completely.”
—Katrina Murata

“He is so bitter and has accumulated so much regret that he is blinded: It distorts, bends and twists whatever he writes.”
—Iñigo Gallo

“[T]he product of ignorance and pathetic self-insulation from the realities of what the world is like…I’m thoroughly disgusted by [his] pompousness.”
—Flavia de la Fuente

“[His] ignorance is almost as painful as [his] writing.”


Jordan von Manalastas is a writer and a lawyer from Los Angeles, California. A graduate of U.C.L.A. and of Cornell University, he lives in New York with his regrets.

Send questions or commissions to jordan (dot) manalastas (at) gmail.com.

Copyright © 2009-2023 by J v M.

All rights reserved.

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